Judging Panel
John Heart
With 30 years of research and experience under his belt John Heart is a sought after by actors, executives, students, and professionals in the public eye around the world. However, speaking wasn't always that easy for him.
In the 5th grade John's school hired a speech therapist. She showed John how to slightly move the position of his tongue to make his S's better sounding and his life dramatically improved. The other kids stopped making fun of him and the seeds of an interest in phonetics and diction were planted. Those seeds begin to bloom years later when he was studying acting at The Juilliard School. Learning from the greatest voice and speech teachers in the country, John developed his core ideas about the fundamentals that constitute an ideal speaking voice. After graduation from Juilliard, John became a company member of the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival: A business with a $3 million annual operating budget, created by a dedication to and a passion for well spoken English. It's a place where HOW you speak really counts. His training served him well there for 8 years. His voice continued to develop, as well as a passion for helping other people with their speech and voice-work.
John is now based in Los Angeles. He helps people develop their own powerful and expressive voices by strengthening them and eliminating accents. John's training gives people a voice that they can RELY ON, so they can confidently and brilliantly speak in public. He brings his years of professional experience, with both accent reduction and the performance arts, to all his clients.
John was formerly the president of Salesmastery Toastmasters club 6178, in Sherman Oaks California. In 2013 he was honored by Toastmasters international as an expert in speech evaluation.
John has taught voice and speech at the prestigious American Musical And Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles. John has taught Public Speaking at the Elite Educational Institute in Northridge and Valencia CA.