The Global Youth Talent Show was sponsored by the China-US-UK-Australia Multinational Education Bureau and schools in cooperation with the International Shared Education Foundation, hosted by the China Daily 21st Century English Newspaper, the 21st Century English Education Media, American International Acade-my, OneWorld Education A large-scale international talent competition organized by the UK and the International Shared Education Association. The conference was supported by the China Education International Exchange Association, the Central Guanghua Science and Technology Foundation, and other units. The conference is aimed at young people of all ages around the world, and aims to discover and cultivate outstanding young people with global vision, innovative thinking and happy character. The selected outstanding students will be included in the global training and learning exchange system. Through the ambassador program, free transfers between more than 1,000 colleges, high schools and elementary schools, long-term and short-term exchanges, and winter and summer international exchange camps will continue to enhance their learning and grow into multicultural perceptions. A global youth ambassador representing the image of young people in various countries.

The selection activities of the conference were recognized by the education bureaus and academic institutions of various countries. There are electoral districts in China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, South Korea and other countries. After selection, they will jointly participate in the general elections held in China and the United States. Famous school principals, admissions officers, experts in science, education, arts and sports, and celebrities from various countries will serve as judges or attend events during the selection process. Tens of thousands of students from various countries will also participate in the online voting link to participate in the selection process and make selection activities The fairness, impartiality, and scientificity of the company have been demonstrated and guaranteed. Outstanding contestants will have the opportunity to get recommendation letters or admission letters from well-known institutions. Some of the finals will be recommended to participate in the regional finals or national finals of the "21st Century Cup" National English Speech Contest approved by the Ministry of Education. Chinese players will shoulder the glorious mission of letting China understand the world and let the world know about China. It will display its style on the international stage, compete with young people from all over the world, and be reviewed by admissions officers of famous schools, laying a solid foundation for future development.

During the conference, global youth international exchange camps and international education resource sharing summits will be held at the same time. Representatives from elementary and junior high schools, education experts, teachers, students, and parents from all over the world gather together to share ideas and experience in international education. Global Youth Ambassador, and held a grand award ceremony with many mysterious guests.

1. Theme of the conference: Promote global citizenship education, help education globalization, informatization and modernization

2. Form of the conference: English speech, talent competition

3. Vision of Goal: Global Youth Talent Festival

4. Organizational units:

  • Organizer: China Daily 21st Century English
  • Organizers: 21st Century English Education Media, American International Academy, One World Education UK, International Shared Education Association
  • Supporting units: China Education International Exchange Association, Guanghua Science and Technology Foundation
  • Media support: CCTV, China Education Television, Tencent Video, iQiyi

5. Conference slogan: One World, Our World! There is a confidant at home, and the world is here!

6. Selection form: primary selection (online video), double selection (on-site selection organized by schools, districts, counties, cities, or provinces), final selection (on-site competition in China, Britain, and the United States)

7. Selection group:
  • Language: English speech, English recitation
  • Talent: Dance, Fine Arts, Painting and Calligraphy, Martial Arts, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Drama, Quyi, Technology, Photography, Others

8. Players group: infant group, lower elementary school group, upper elementary school group, junior high school group, high school group

9. Composition of judges:
  • Professional judges: principals of famous schools at home and abroad, admissions officers of famous schools, professional teachers, industry elites, experts and scholars,
  • Student judges: outstanding student representatives