About International College Partnership Project (ICPP)


In the context of education informatization and globalization, international cooperation and exchange have become an important method to promote the progress of teaching and scientific research. China implements the policy of opening-up education to the outside world and encourages and supports international cooperation between educational institutions. In order to adapt to this policy and innovate the mode of cooperation, the International College Partnership Plan has been established. ICPP integrates cooperative education and two-way overseas study through inter-institutional cooperation in education, teaching management teams, unified organization and implementation of overseas education, overseas study, study in China, teacher development and short-term exchanges between teachers and students. The ICPP programs include:

1. Assist Chinese and foreign universities/colleges to conclude cooperation agreements and carry out projects such as mutual recognition of credits and academic qualifications, cooperative running of schools and exchanges between teachers and students;

2. Assist Chinese schools in recruiting students for cooperative projects, recruit foreign students to study in China, visiting teachers and students and take care of personnel management;

3. Assist foreign schools in recruiting students for cooperative projects, recruit Chinese students, Chinese visiting teachers and students and take care of personnel management;

4. Assist colleges/ universities on both sides to carry out online and offline international conferences, regular teaching and research exchanges and teacher-student exchanges.

Oneworld Education assists in providing comprehensive services such as overall cooperation design, project team formation, enrollment and teaching management.

At present, more than 50 universities from New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Greece, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and China participate in the International College Partnership Project. The teaching languages include English, Korean, Japanese and Spanish. The cooperation degrees cover junior college, undergraduate, master and doctoral-levels, and there are various forms of cooperation.